No Purchase Required Personal Assessment

Cindy Jorgensen is our Wellness and Weight Loss Consultant at Health N Wealth 4 life. Cindy has worked in the weight loss and fitness industry for 25 years and has asisted hundreds of individuals in achieving their weight loss, and fitness goals.

These systems are a key part of any weight loss program and have proven to be one of the most effective products in the industry. 

If desired, Cindy is available to address your product questions or to discuss your personal needs, through a "Free" personal assessment.

This is a value-added consultation offered only by Health n Wealth 4 Life. There is no purchase required for this assessment and you won't be pressured to make a purchase. We simply want to help you on your path to weight loss and fitness. 

You can schedule your assessment with Cindy directly at 801-688-0801 or email our support team by clicking on the "Contact" tab above.

Consultation is not required. All products come with easy to follow directions and automated email support.

All products come with a full money back guarantee.